Multifamily / Retail / Live-Work Complex on South 6th Avenue

1301 - 1319 S 6th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85713

Project Description

Historic Complex Near 5 Points

Our latest endeavor is an eclectic property that has many possibilities that we intend to transform into new and productive live/work space. This will be our first multiunit redevelopment project. The property includes 3 buildings and vacant land, on 4 tax codes / parcels. Over 12,000 SF on 0.51 acres (22,200 SF). The first building is a 2 story live/work building with 4 loft units, a parking lot, with each unit having a sizable fenced yard in back. Units have 1-2 bedrooms, kitchen, and 1 bathroom each.

The second building is over 6,800 SF and was formerly used by a coffee house and roaster.  The building is a large duplex with lofts with exposed brick and large volume space, it has many versatile uses. The loft spaces all have bathrooms and kitchens, and may make perfect live/work units.

The third build is the smallest of the 3 building with approximately 1,800 SF, divided into 2 units. This building suffered fire damage, but of course we’ll resaore it since that is our specialty in many ways.

The vacant land parcel is on the alley side of the complex, and could function as a parking lot or outdoor space for the other buildings.  All 3 buildings are on 6th Avenue with street frontage, and are in a great area for redevelopment as it is blocks away from the 5-Points area and several barrios in downtown, all very expensive real estate for the Tucson market. We are looking forward to bringing this property back to life.

Downtown Tucson
Bike Friendly
Historic area near 5-Points
Restaurants, galleries, shopping
Urban Revitalization

Property Highlights 

On historic 6th Avenue
12,000+ SF on 0.51 acres (22,200 SF)
3 stand-alone buildings on separate tax codes / parcels
1 vacant land parcel on separate tax code / parcel
Live/work building with 4 loft units and parking lot
Large street front commercial duplex with 4-8 possible units
A third street front building with outside area
Lots of off-street parking and private outdoor areas
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